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Camera systems

360° Camera System

Reduce the risk of accidents - maneuver at low speed.

Human error during driving maneuvers is the leading cause of physical injuries and road accidents.

Four interconnected cameras enable a 360-degree all-round view to reduce blind spots and poorly visible areas as well as to show pedestrians and other obstacles.

Maneuvering the bus in narrow spaces and in city traffic becomes much clearer.


Side Cameras

For a better overview and prevention of blind spots - the digital side mirror.

Thanks to modern technology, high-resolution cameras are so compact these days that they can be perfectly integrated into the side mirror. (Arrow in picture)


Interior surveillance system

A big topic for the protection of the vehicle and the passengers - the interior surveillance.

For professional surveillance, we recommend modern interior surveillance with vandalism-proof, high-resolution dome cameras, a monitor for live surveillance, and a digital recorder with removable hard drive to record all cameras.