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Boarding assistance for your car!

Electric step

Many people today struggle to get on and off certain vehicles due to their access height. Using the electric step makes boarding a breeze. Featuring a rugged, well-sealed design, the step is suited even for the harshest application in wind and weather, without restrictions.

Electric sliding door

Automatic sliding door mechanism for day-to-day use in vehicles, including public buses, school buses and ambulance services. Designed for daily operation, the hard-wearing system combines robustness with safety features. Whether operated by the driver or remotely (optional), the door opens reliably—throughout the life of your vehicle. LEDs indicate the current status. The door reopens immediately if it closes into an obstacle. An air switch prevents persons or objects being caught between the door and strut. The door can be unlocked and manually opened from inside at any time. An external unlocking mechanism can be provided on request.

Automatic axial door

The automatic axial door system allows the driver to open and close the right axial door conveniently at the press of a button. Its automatic mechanism switches off from a speed of 3 km/h. Should the vehicle electrics fail, the door can also be opened and closed manually at any time.

Electric tailgate

The electric tailgate makes loading and unloading your vehicle easier, as it automatically opens and closes the trunk conveniently at the press of a button. Optionally, you can use the original, manual opener.