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On-board kitchens

Need an on-board kitchen for your vehicle? You’ve come to the right place!
Elegant, easy-to-clean surfaces, optimal use of space and a comprehensive range of equipment are hallmarks of our on-board kitchens. How about a combination of root wood esthetic with beverage dispenser, convection oven and espresso machine?

Coffee machines

CaféPerfect, the most widely used coffee machine on the bus - easy to operate and serves up to 40 cups. Serve delicious aromatic coffee with CaféPerfect 20/40 and treat your guests to a coffee experience like no other. Real filter coffee, freshly ground and brewed.


The focus of our refrigerators (cooling/freezing) is on efficiency, durability and exquisite design. Our extensive standard range offers the right refrigerator for your needs.
Custom designs can be made to exact specifications and your choice of decor.
We keep your drinks cold for you.

Fully automatic coffee machine

These fully automatic coffee machines can make a great alternative to the 20 or 40 cup coffee machine.


Sausage warmers

Made of stainless steel, our OWK500 and OWK750 sausage warmers are ideal to serve your guests with sausages, soups or German ravioli in a matter of minutes.
The sausage warmer can be mounted on or into the worktop and is easy to operate using a rotary potentiometer.


Built for the road with ruggedness and convenient features to make truckers’ lives a little easier: The Dometic MWO 24 microwave oven has three cooking levels and a defrosting function – no more and no less than required in a truck kitchen. It is easy to use and just as easy to clean, because it has a firmly integrated ceramic plate instead of the usual turntable.